1. Can you exchange or return a sticker after purchase?

The product must be returned in the same condition, packaging in good condition.

Read Shipping & Returns for more information.

2. Do you accept returns or exchanges on custom graphics kits?

No, it is not possible to make exchanges or returns on custom designs. They are custom-made stickers and returns are not allowed, unless the sticker shows some type of printing failure by ProTech Graphics.

3. Instructions for placing the stickers ?

If your order does not have a carrier, you only have to clean the surface and stick the sticker directly on the indicated place. Recommended steps to follow:


1- Clean the surface where you want to put the vinyl (It is important to apply it on a smooth, clean, dry and free of dust or grease surface).


2- When applying bigger decal is “soapy water”, which is basically water mixed with normal liquid soap for washing hands. You need to spray the soapy water on the panel and on the back of the decal in the same time. because that will help you to put the decal on its exact place where it should be and that never happens on the first try.


3- When you succeed with that, you need to start removing the soapy water. For that purpose you will have a professional squeegee included in your package along with the decal set. When you start pushing the top of the decal with the squeegee, the soapy water underneath the decal will start to go to the edges and then out. After all of the water is out, the adhesive of the decal will start doing its job again and the decal will be finally placed.


Special Note*
The fairings and panels of a motorcycle are always curvy. And to get a big decal to follow the curves of the panel you need to stretch it a little bit. So if you have transfer tape on top of such decal it will be much harder for you to stretch it. For stretching a decal the first thing you need is heat. It may come from a heat gun or a hair dryer, it doesn’t matter, the final result will be similar. The heat will make the vinyl weaker for a moment and in this exact moment you can stretch it just a little, so it can go around the curve of the panel.


For greater durability, we recommend applying a clear coat (lacquer coat).

4. What material are the stickers made of?

Vinyls of the highest quality, ORACAL vinyls. Protecting the adhesive from ultraviolet rays, avoiding the loss of colour with exposure to the sun, ultra-resistant to scratches and friction. Printed vinyl sticker of the highest quality.

Shipping & Returns:

1. What shipping methods are using ?

Our products are shipped within 4 Days using the following carriers: , EMS Shipping, Express Shipping & Standard Shipping.


2. Any Free shipping included ?

If you are shipping an item over $75, you should consider using a trackable shipping service or purchasing shipping insurance.


Free worldwide shipping over $75.00 Via EMS Shipping (Expedited Mail Service) 
(Based on Package Value)

3. How does refund & exchange works ?

In order to be eligible for a refund, you have to contact seller within 14 days after receiving the item. If the product is damaged in any way, or you have initiated the return after 14 days have passed, you will not be eligible for a refund.

Your exchanged product will be processed Once items are received and conditions confirmed. You are given the right to exchange the item, One time(Shipping charges will be applied). 

Read Shipping & Returns for more information.


1. What payment methods are available ?

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfers
  • Credit & Debit Cards
  • Payoneer